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The ability to raid remotely from anywhere in the world might be the biggest thing since the release of Pokémon GO. Now it doesn't matter where you live, you can join a party to take down that Tier 5 boss you've been dreaming about.

With GO Raid Party, we match people who need help with people who want to help, with a simple and easy to understand interface. This app is perfect for people who:

- Has plenty of raids around but nobody to raid with. Go host a room!
- Has a strong team but no raid around to join. Go find a room to help out!
- Wants to raid regional stuff. It used to sucks when you can't have Azelf/Mesprit/Uxie just because you can't travel. Now you can (when it comes back to raids, of course).
- Want to raid 24/7 to grind that hundo or shiny or dare we suggest, SHUNDO.

Download the app, setup your profile and get your first raid done in less than 10 minutes. It's that simple.


Revolutionized PoGo Raiding!


This is a well made, SAFE, and amazing app for those of us who want to host and join Pokemon Go raids without risking our accounts or out health. It's easy to find and join raids when there may be none near you. It's also easy to host a raid and ensure you have support in taking down high level raids. The instructions are easy and the app does not connect with the game itself or violate the terms & conditions, so you know you'll be safe to play.

Thanks to the creators who made and continue to improve this game.

PS: the VIP upgrade is totally worth it if you plan on doing a lot of raiding!

Very helpful


In my area there isn’t many raid spots, and this app has helped me get 4 legendaries so far. You just need to be patient and keep refreshing to get into a room. Premium price seems a bit steep for a monthly subscription at $15/mo in my opinion, maybe if it was $5 or so I would, considering it’s not even necessary to have. Very nice app in the end and far superior to the others of its kind.

Solo players Raid!!!


This app is fast, efficient and fabulous! No more missing out on 4 and 5 star raids because you don’t have a team. Free up a few slots in your friends list and Build your own team or join another’s. Raid anywhere in the Pokémon world-not just when a available at your local spot! Brilliant!

Frequently Asked Questions

I joined a room but the host didn't invite me. Why?

- Make sure your trainer name here match EXACTLY your in game name.

- Make sure you added the host AND tapped the "I've added the host in game". This marks yourself ready in the room and lets the host know you added them.

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