I want to raid Lake Trio but the parties are always full.
Not exactly a question there, but as you can imagine how many people want to raid Lake Trio legends right now and there are not enough hosts for everyone. While it sucks when you could not join a party, you can now easily get a party if you have a Lake Trio legend around.
I joined a room but the host didn't invite me. Why?
- Make sure your trainer name here match EXACTLY your in game name.
- Make sure you added the host AND tapped the "I've added the host in game". This marks yourself ready in the room and lets the host know you added them.
I invited people but sometimes not all of them made it to the room. Why?
That happens. Sometimes people didn't have a remote raid pass ready and they can't buy one in time. Or sometimes the invitation didn't come at all.
As a host:
What can I do to make my life easier?
- If you open a gym and see a counting down lobby inside, consider waiting for that lobby to start, or make a private room. That gives you the maximum amount of time to invite people.
- Use the "Copy all names" to get a nice list of the participants to paste into search. It makes hosting 5 times easier.
As a participant:
What can I do to make my life easier?
- Use the EXACT trainer name as in game so the host knows who to invite.
- Always mark yourself ready after adding the host in game.
- Make sure you have a remote raid pass ready.
- Have an existing team ready to go.
- Be patient with the host as it could take up to 2 minutes to accept friend requests and send invites.
How can I report someone who has fake trainer code / someone who hosts fake raids?
Drop us an email with their username and we'll take action.
Support for Premium users?
Email us if you have any issue with your subscription.
Want to discuss / report bugs / request features / show off?
Please join us and thousands of like-minded players on our Discord.
Find some error in translation?
Let us know. Thank you very much :)